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Zhanyi Science & Technology Company Limited established in August, 2008. The mining and metallurgy, chemistry, fiber and polymer experts were invited to constitute the whole research team.

Integration Ministry of Economic, Industrial Bureau, Department of Industrial Technology, Bureau of Foreign Trade resource and industrial and academy energy to promote the industrial and government strategy. To expert the flexible production, patent concept, design and industrial and academy cooperation to the promotion of functional textiles development promotion union.

Integration the upper, medium and lower stream and cross industry of local textile industries, and from functional powder, master batch, yarn materials production to product design, brand, marketing to form value chain. To achieve quickly response, closed the international market as purpose. Furthermore, through jointly mark, patent sharing, and brand marketing strength to create high added value image and quality majorization of MIT product and alliance with international brand to found Zhanyi Science and Technology Company Limited.

  • 2008

    Established in 2008

  • 2009

    WINCOOL® Trademark approval date: 2009/04/16 (WINCOOL® owned international trademarks from Taiwan, Japan, Mainland China, Hongkong, USA etc.)

  • 2010

    Winwarm® Trademark approval Date: 2010/08/16

    Lingerie brand Triumph in Taiwan started using WinCool yarns for Touch Cooling series in 2010

  • 2011

    39th International Exhibition of Inventions, GenevaSwiss, 2011, Golden medal winner (Ultra-thin cuffs with thermal diffusivity, cooling, and UV resistance functions)

    2011, USA, Pittsburgh, 26th International Exhibition of Inventions Contest - Cooling Body Shaper Golden medal winner. - Cooling shoes Silver medal winner.

    10th Business Startup Award, Silver medal winner,Taipei, 2011, 11.

    Seoul International Invention Fair, Korea, 2011, 12, Golden medal winner (Hanging planter made from waste selvedge film yarns with double covering technology)

  • 2012

    allwin® Trademark approval Date: 2012/02/01

    2012 Micro Enterprise Highlight Programme, Taipei, Taiwan, Corporate Excellence Award.

    2012 Micro Enterprise innovation and incubation center, Taipei, Taiwan, New Business Excellence Award.

    40th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Swiss, 2012, 4, Golden medal winner (All-in-one environment protection bag made from waste selvedge film yarns)

    Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart, Taiwan, 2012, 09, Golden medal winner (Cooling foam bra and Mattress)

    The Republic of China Excellent Manufacturers' Product Propagation Series was unanimously approved by the jury of professors and awarded the first brand

  • 2013

    The Republic of China Excellent Manufacturers' Product Propagation Series was unanimously approved by the jury of professors and awarded the first brand

    2013, Swiss, Genva, 41th International Exhibition of Inventions Contest - Comfort shoes with cooling and anti-bacteria functions Golden medal winner and special award. - Waste Selvedge film yarn mad fabrics applied in civil and architecture industries Silver medal winner.

    28th International Exhibition of Inventions, Pittsburgh, USA, 2013, Golden medal winner (The development of Eco Polyamide fiber products)

  • 2014

    2014 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart Invention Contest - The fiber products with antibacterial, idol absorption, thermal diffusivity, and cooling functions Silver medal winner. Functional composite inorganic slurry composition, foam composites and preparation method thereof Cooper medal winner.

    2014 Kaohsiung International Invention & Design EXPO - Antibacterial metallic footwear Gold Medal Winner. - High Density and Super Light Knitted Fabrics with Anti-Mosquito and Cooling Functions Silver Medal Winner. - Shape Memory Foam with Cooling and Healthy Silver Medal Winner

  • 2015

    2015 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart Invention Contest - Outdoor pad and its production method Copper medal winner. - Optical wavelength selective shielding film, selective light shielding composites and manufacturing method Copper medal winner. - Elastic fiber reinforced elastic composites and their applications Copper medal winner

    2015 Kaohsiung International Invention and Design EXPO - Polyamide filament made knitted fabrics with cooling, anti-UV, and anti-mosquito functions Golden Medal Winner. - Air flow fan table and chair set Golden Medal Winner. - Ultra-light travel mountaineering backpack Golden Medal Winner. - Self-reinforced braided yarns and their applications Silver Medal Winner. - Jacket with comfort and electrical thermal functions Silver Medal Winner. - camouflage backpack with Near-infrared light shielding Copper Medal Winner

  • 2016

    WINDRY® Trademark Approval Date: 2016/10/16 (WINDRY® owned international trademarks from Taiwan, Japan, Mainland China, etc.)

    2016 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart Contest - 3D mask with high efficiency electrical thermal and washable functions, Platinum medal winner. Hot protective gear, golden medal winner. Electrospinning tow fabrication equipment and method thereof, copper medal winner.

    2016 Kaohsiung International Invention & Design EXPO - 3D mask with high efficiency, electrical thermal and washable functions Golden Medal Winner. - Washable and thermal electrical vest Golden Medal Winner. - Hot protective gear Golden Medal Winner.

  • 2017

    2017 Taipei International Invention Show& Technomart, Contest - Cool feeling flexible fire insulation pad Platinum medal winner. PM 2.5 Mask with Optical, Electrical, Thermal, and Washable Functions, Golden medal winner. Near-infrared absorption polymer coating material and fiber membrane and the element for light energy conversion to power generation, Copper medal winner.

    Developed polyester and polyamide composite filament yarns and knitted fabrics with melange effect, Taichung, Taiwan, 2017, 10

  • 2018

    Registered  Ecowincool® and Ecowindry® trade mark, Taichung, Taiwan, 2018, 03

    Created multi-functions, multi-color, and upcycling fiber, yarn and fabrics, Taichung, Taiwan, 2018, 03

    EZCOOL® brand is being applied for the Republic of China trademark.

    Obtained five patents, including Hot protective gear(Invention I623306), Hot eye mask(Invention I623307), Hot Bra(Invention I590773), Restructuring method of Recycling (Invention I623664), and defected fabrics and Multi-node circuit architecture on the apparel(Invention I613973).

    August 16th, 2018, Taiwan Outdoor Group, Sports Goods Series Competition, The Annual Award, The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step- Through your imagination

    September 29, 2018, Participated 2018 Taiwan Innovation and Technology Expo and won the two gold medals Non-single constitution spinning method and functional yarn made thereof Reconstitution method of upcycling or defected fabrics

    October 07, 2018, National Economic Upcycle Creative Competition, the Silver Award, Derivative - Furniture Design by Using Waste Selvedge Yarns

    October 25, 2018, WINCOOL®, WINDRY® brand won the National Invention Award - Silver Award

  • 2019

    February 27th, 2019, The Spanish fashion brand ZARA used Windry yarns for the TRAVELLER SUIT products.

    July 19, 2019 In 2019 Won the Best Award Taiwan Outdoor Group (TOG) of Outdoor Sports Products Series Competition (3D Collagen Cool Sports Underwear)

    September 28, 2019 Taiwan Innotech Expo- Gold Medal (Coolness Collagen Nylon 6 Fiber Products)/ Silver Medal (Cool Facial Mask) / Bronze Medal (Smart Moisture Sensing Material and Its Humidity Management System and Applications)

    October 26, 2019 The Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs & the Footwear and Recreation Technology Institute held the "18th Handbag Innovation Design Competition"- Gold Award

  • 2020

    Won the Taiwan Invention Patent on the Theme of "Silk Collagen Fiber and Its Fabric and Manufacturing Method", I683043

    September 26, 2020 Taiwan Innotech Expo- Gold Medal (Thermal Facial Mask) / Gold Medal (Replaceable Mask)



  • 2021



  • 2022


    “Government subsidized “functional nylon 6 with graphene energy woven fabric development project”, E11100023005-041

  • 2023


  • Keep it up!

First company used cooling fiber products to obtain much more international invention exhibition golden and silver medals.

The only company offers Qmax value to Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection and formulated the testing standard.

Continue offering Qmax value testing service and issued by logo after passing the certificate.

There are 6 kinds of hand tag which included drip, diamond, and leaf types, and applied trade mark registration from Intellectual Property Office.

Wincool cooling fiber, film and polymer products have applied in underwear marketing chain.

Integrated upper, medium, and lower streams of cooling fiber products and develop lots of cooperation chain.